About Standing in the Question

Hey! I’m Kristen Peairs

Founder & Designer of the Standing in the Question Navigational Tool

For 20 years, I helped people navigate their way to freedom from really stuck situations.

Like health concerns, relationship issues, and business problems…the kind of stuff that leaves us feeling anxious, exhausted, and frustrated.

My credentials as a Transformational Coach, Registered Dietitian, and Licensed Massage Therapist provided me with lots of strategies to help resolve problems.

But often, the strategies were not enough.

Again and again I saw the fear and uncertainty in my clients’ eyes.

With no map in sight, how could my clients find their freedom?

Surprisingly, radiant smiles and aha insights most often resulted from avenues I didn’t learn in school.

Stick figures and stories!

Like magic, drawing little stick figures and sharing happy stories created space for the inspiration my clients needed to confidently know their next steps.

But I didn’t understand the role the stick figures and stories would have in my future until they helped me navigate out of my own really stuck problem.

And gave me a fun story to draw.

Which I shared with friends.

Who received life-changing insights…

And asked, “Can I buy this?”

From these ingredients, the Standing in the Question Navigational Tool was born.