Standing in the Question Group Coaching


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Immerse yourself in living life from question to question amongst a group of like-minded souls.

The Standing in the Question Group Coaching program is designed help you navigate through life’s stuck places with ease and compassion.

In this 4-month program, you can expect to receive…

1. Instruction for navigating through the six stages of standing in question.

2. Conversation and deep listening to facilitate understanding and growth.

3. Guidance for receiving insights to make heart-empowered choices.

4. Demonstration of mindful practices to expand perspective and build faith in what’s possible.

5. Experimentation with new go-to strategies to bring relief and light to any situation.

6. Support in using the Creating the Question process to create new questions with ease and finesse.


Twice monthly 90-minute group facilitation. Access to virtual community chat. Audio, video, and pdf downloads provided on bi-weeks.

The investment for this program is $1600 per participant.

Pre-Requisites: Getting Unstuck Workshop


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